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Mrs. Lawler


Senior Project

We have to do a senior project in order to graduate from our school. What I am trying to do for my project is teach the saxophone, to players who have not been playing as long as me. The reason for this is because I have to do something to benefit the community. I think that this benefits the community because I helping to bring arts and humanities and keep it in the community. I also have to create and conduct interviews. Also I have to conduct meetings with an adviser for my project. I also need to take numerous pictures for each checkpoint. I also have to create a binder that I can put everything that I do in. I have to create activity logs to go along with what I have done on my project. I also have to create an online binder with all of the same stuff as my real binder. At the end I have to make a research paper. After the binder is complete I have to make a presentation to present to a group of teachers and if I pass that then I will graduate. If I don’t pass that then I cannot walk across the stage at graduation. I really want to pass the presentation so that I can walk across the stage with the rest of my class. I think that I will pass my senior project presentation and I will be allowed to walk across the stage at graduation with the rest of my class. Right now what I am doing is a synopsis of my senior project of what I have to do for it. I have to create a five hundred word synopsis of my senior project and submit it to my blog which is on I need to make more tabs for my binder so that I can complete all the tabs of my binder. Hopefully I will successfully finish and pass my senior project for the graduation process.


whoso list to hunt

I think that this poem describes very accurately the attitudes of people today. They think that if something is too difficult then you should just give up and not try. I don’t think that this is the right kind of mindset for the world. If something is too difficult then you should try harder so that you can accomplish the task at hand.

I think that king henry viii is the one who is being referred to as Caesar. The reason I think that is because the time period and the person who wrote it was very close to king henry. Also it was Wyatt’s job was to write and sing about king henry. and that is who I think is being referred to as ceaser.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, the federal government (or at least the “non-essential” parts of it) has been shut down.

What’s the cause of this shutdown?  The simple technical answer is that Congress hasn’t approved a spending bill, so the government isn’t allowed to operate.  The more important question is: Why did this happen?  You’ll likely get a different answer depending on who you ask, but the underlying cause is that America’s two major political parties have been unable to cooperate.  It’s gotten so bad that some Congressmen have basically admitted that they aren’t really interested in working together for the betterment of the country; They only care about getting their way.Unlike that song that the kids enjoy so much, the line between Republicans and Democrats does not seem to be blurred at all.  In fact, the line seems to be sharper and more defined than ever before.Most of the population appears to be as divided as our elected leaders.  Since there’s no better way to gauge the mindset of America, I took a quick look around the internet.  Based on what I’ve seen, this is how Democrats and Republicans view each other.Democratic opinion: Republicans are misogynistic WASPs who care only about helping the rich get richer.Republican opinion: Democrats are bleeding-heart liberals who want to bankrupt this country by turning it into a socialist welfare state.I think a large part of this problem is due to confirmation bias.  People have an unfortunate tendency to only focus on news and opinions that agree with their own personal beliefs as well as finding information that proves the other side is wrong.If you’re a Republican, why not take a break from reading articles that declare Obamacare to be evil?  If you’re a Democrat, you might want to diversify your reading and not just stick to sources that harp on how pro-business legislation is destroying the middle-class. And if you’re Senator Ted Cruz, then I ask that you simply stop doing anything, because you’re only making things worseIf we take some time to see things from the other party’s perspective, we might actually start to understand each other better and be able to work together towards a common goal.  Who knows?  If we can change, maybe our political leaders will begin to follow suit. And if they don’t?  Then perhaps it is time to vote in some new leaders who will.


I walk home with my books in my bag,
Down the long road that I am sick of
looking at.
I think to myself,
This will be one of the last times I walk
this road.
I keep going,
Pressing my feet into the pavement as hard as I
I stomp away the days I wasted in this place.
I try to think of the
day when I’ll be free of it,
Try to imagine what those steps would feel
The steps leading to that all powerful rolled piece of paper.
I kick
little rocks into the future ahead of me,
I keep going,
My step lightens
as I wonder of the future,
Will those steps lead to more years of hated roads
and books and bags,
Or will those steps lead to my dream.

i like this poem because i feel the same as the writer of the poem who just wants to get out and off of the path that they keep walking daily.


South Africa was the land of hope where most Ghanaians believed their darling team will excel. Over 3 decades of under achievement was to be banished in 2013. Listening to the amiable President John Mahama, he charged the Black stars to win and officially pledge support for the team.

The black stars were prepared at Abu Dhabi with quality friendly matches organized for the team. Alas! The wait is still on as the stars failed to shine at the second attempt in two years. They left the shores of Accra with a lot hope but returned empty handed. After watching the first 2 matches of the team at the AFCON 2013, my doubts were solid and factual analysis showed me this team is short of been African champion. In answering the popular question on the street of Accra, Tamale and Kumasi which is “WHAT WENT WRONG?”, I have identified…

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CBS Cleveland

INDEPENDENCE, OH (92.3 The Fan) – Cavaliers All-Star guard Kyrie Irving is officially questionable for tonight’s big home matchup with Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers.

“He will probably be a game-time decision,” Cavs coach Byron Scott said Friday. “He did some things yesterday, did some shooting, but nothing strenuous that would tell me one way or another if he’s okay or not.”

The Cavs point guard has missed the last two games with a sore/hyperextended right knee, and the club have been able to notch wins over the Bulls and Raptors without him.

“He would like to play period,” Scott said. “At the end of the day it’s my decision.”

Scott says that he would like Irving to make sure Irving is at or near 100 percent before he puts them in harms way against a very good Clippers team.

“One bad cut and he can still tweak…

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