South Africa was the land of hope where most Ghanaians believed their darling team will excel. Over 3 decades of under achievement was to be banished in 2013. Listening to the amiable President John Mahama, he charged the Black stars to win and officially pledge support for the team.

The black stars were prepared at Abu Dhabi with quality friendly matches organized for the team. Alas! The wait is still on as the stars failed to shine at the second attempt in two years. They left the shores of Accra with a lot hope but returned empty handed. After watching the first 2 matches of the team at the AFCON 2013, my doubts were solid and factual analysis showed me this team is short of been African champion. In answering the popular question on the street of Accra, Tamale and Kumasi which is “WHAT WENT WRONG?”, I have identified…

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