The Fulbright Programme is all about cultural exchange; it’s about sharing stories and experiences across borders; it’s about learning new things; it’s about immersing yourself in a different country. Now, we tend to think about things like politics, movies, music, lifestyle, food and so on as being some of the main ‘culture’ things that can be shared and talked about. For example, in the US, I still don’t understand why cheese comes in such small packets, and in the UK, I’d love it if more bars had a US-style ‘tab’ culture as a matter of course, and my life is more enriched knowing about these kinds of things.

But one thing which kind of flew under my radar as a ‘cultural exchange moment’ was… sport. Now, I enjoy American sports, particularly football and baseball. With lots of breaks in the games, you don’t have to concentrate too hard for the…

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post it’s

Post its are like life sometimes they are neat and bundled and sometimes they are strung out and unorganized. But no matter how it is i think it is a good symbol of life.It really represents the ups and downs of the crazy world we live in.
No matter how you look at it it you can not deny the fact that it does truly represent how we live in this world today.If you take the time to think about it you will realize that i am right.